Watches- a jewelry piece for women 

Watches- a jewelry piece for women 

While many women would not surely wear a watch, there are many that do. Time is the ultimate luxury these days and for women wearing a watch is just as significant for men. It also adds like an extra piece of jewelry on their delicate wrists which they often pair with solid metal bracelets and matching rings. 

Women’s timepieces are a necessary accessory for them now. Be it with a stainless steel bracelet or a leather buckle, the lady will wear it and will also flaunt it. Many women opt for wider watches with thin bracelets on the same hand and many, although being a right handed person, prefer to wear their timepieces on the left wrist. Well, that is totally up to the personality of the lady herself and how she wants to carry her watch. 

The main difference between men and women’s timepieces is the size of the dial and many different components of the watch which makes it more feminine or masculine. Women also wear their dials in rectangular shapes while men prefer them to be round. The diameter of the whole dial is the main difference between the gender watches. Often the dial colors and the little stones embedded in the dials can be seen as a difference too. 

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