Back in the days, SWISS MILITARY Watches in Pakistan, were essential tools that virtually everyone used. And they did so because it was the only real way to keep track of time..

People couldn’t just take up their phone and look at what time it was like you can today, and therefore, be carrying a watch was crucial for living a smooth life – from showing up at work in time – to perfect timing and synchronizing a military attack.

In terms of watches as we know them today, with movements and hands, it all started with pocket watches, and during world war 1, it was found that wearing watches on the wrist was much more effective than having them in the pocket and trying to find them to check the time mid-battle. The soldiers synchronized their watches to plan for attacks, and could easily check the time, but until the second world war, wearing watches on the wrist was only something that women were doing.

Today, the reasons people wear a watch has significantly changed from the time when the first watches debuted. At the same time, the number of people wearing watches, percentage wise has decreased significantly. Of course, this isn’t very surprising now virtually everyone carries a telephone with them which can tell them exactly what time it is, down to the very thousandth of a second. This is also the argument of many people who choose not to wear a wristwatch. Many of them say ”why to wear a watch when I can just look at the time on my phone?”, but the fact of the matter is that apart from just checking time, there are far more reasons to wear a watch, and why you should Buy SWISS MILITARY Watches in Pakistan, that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this article.


Fashion industry has taken wristwatches from battlefields in the late 19th and early 20th century to become a modern fashion accessory (New York Times). With many different brands and designs in the market, So what are you waiting for buy your best Swiss Military Watches in Pakistan. Your watch choice nowadays can really make you stand out. Luxurious watches can also be a showcase of your prestige or social status.

For me, accessories create and define a women’s personal style. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her jewelry, her sunglasses, her shoes all define a look that is her signature.” – The legendary designer Ralph Lauren


Imagine you were in a rush to get to a job interview and forget your phone, how would you be sure that you would be there on time? The answer is simply a watch. You would turn your wrist and know how much time you have left. For such a forgetful person like me, a watch can sometimes be a lifesaver.

Watches also allow you to know the time in special occasions and situations. Mobile phones may not be the best choice for soldiers, pilots or divers to take care of their time but watches do. Different types of watches have been designed to meet their special needs. Mobile phones are not ideal for a student during her exams or for a gentleman during his romantic date, while driving or in a business meeting, but watches are. That is why, it is more convenient to wear a watch. Being in control of your time is crucial this hectic pace of modern life.


It may sound strange but watches could be a great investment for you. A watch, especially an iconic or a rare limited edition timepiece tends to increase in value over time. If you are lucky enough to own such a special watch, you are likely to earn profits in the future.

An advantage of investing in watches is that it does not necessarily incur too much cost. You usually just spend one-time fee at the beginning to buy it. Then if it is a mechanical watch you should at least service it every 4-5 years.That’s why we have best collection of Swiss Military watches for men in Pakistan. If you have a quartz watch, make sure to change the battery as soon as it starts losing power (if not battery acid can leak and destroy the movement).

A quality watch, if cared for and treated well will last for a lifetime and even hundreds of years. People can pass their watches to their children or their grandchildren. High-quality watches usually provide you with a long manufactory guarantee in case there are any defects.