Up until the outbreak of World War 1, the wristwatch was considered a lady’s accessory. But in the heat of battle, soldiers found they did not have the time to fish around for a pocket watch. So the men’s wristwatch was born. 

Giving a timepiece to your lady is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday and your love. The fundamental problem, though, is that many “ladies” designs are tiny, citizen quartz and frequently bedazzled, and those styles don’t necessarily fit the tastes of women today. That’s why we see a trend of women wearing watches that were intended for the wrists of men.

“The primary draws for a men’s design over a ladies’ would be size and options,” says Travis Hines, head watchmaker at Crown and Caliber. Designs for women tend to skew towards smaller and dressier pieces, according to Hines. “Conversely, as the Swiss watch industry is predominantly focused on men’s designs, there are plenty more options to choose from, and it becomes much easier to find a design that looks good but also comes with some of the nicer features.” With some amazing watches sale going on this valentine’s day.

There are numerous horologically more-relevant time pieces designed for men that look great on a woman’s wrist. If you’re choosing a watch this V-Day for your love, the first consideration should be how she’s going to wear it? Is it a casual, everyday piece or is it for special occasions? “You don’t need to pay a premium for a world timer if you’re not traveling around the world actively,” says Hines. “Instead, focus on how the watch looks and how it will be used.”

Why Wrist watch is Perfect Gift?

1.A watch displays the wearer’s personality Nowadays we all have the same phones, we drive the same cars and buy our clothes from the same stores almost regardless of what country we reside in. A wristwatch is the perfect way to display a glimpse of your personality in an otherwise generic world. That’s why we’re glad to inform you about Valentine’s Day watches sales, and bring you the best watches collection.

2. It’s actually a good thing if they already have one Unlike a Playstation or a phone it doesn’t matter if the receiver already has a wristwatch. Quite the contrary; gifting a watch to someone who usually wears one is even better. All watches are different and can be used at different occasions. And as all watch lovers know: Some days you simply feel like wearing a specific watch – having several to choose from is nothing but good. Valentine’s day sale for watches is an great advantage for you guys to gift the most beautiful person in your life, the most amazing watch.

3. A watch is much more than a gift 

There are countless of watchmakers and watch enthusiasts around the world that have had their passion ignited by a watch they were given or inherited. Our own founder, Øyvind Von Doren was gifted a Swiss Made watch by his great-grandfather at the age of 12 in 1975. Little did his great-grandfather know that Øyvind would establish his own watch brand 41 years later. Enjoy the great Valentine’s day watches sale on this valentine.