I’ve been looking at Omax watches online and they do have some interesting designs both the new and old ones. The older Omaxs appear to be manual or automatic movement watches, while the more recent contemporary watches use quartz movements. I don’t think they made in house movements. The quartz watches use Seiko made movements.

Alot of their watches look a bit like Rados, both the new and old ones. Though I doubt the are of the same quality considering they are fair bit cheaper, but on our website we have original finest collection of Omax watches in Pakistan.

The most sought after older Omax model appears to be the Spaceman, judging from the bidding wars on ebay.

From what I know they were a Swiss company that started in 1946. Though today it appears they are headquartered in Dubai. Traditionally they sold most of their watches in the mid-east and asia.

Reviews that people wrote about Omax

I own an Omax DZX003 which I got from Amazon for 30$. The watch is heavy and seems decent but the watch band/strap is a massive let down. Don’t pay anything more than 30$ for one because it simply isn’t worth it.

I bought an Omax watch from this website and honestly at first I thought that this website was just bluffing about the quality, it can’t be Original product or the same as shown in pictures-but I was shocked! They delivered the same product with original quality. Best Omax watches in Pakistan, recommended buy Omax watches in Pakistan.

After a quick glance at the pics that came up on google, the newer models look cheap to me. The vintage watches do not look too bad though. It’s possible that the name was bought out and is now used on these kinds of “fashion” watches. And they Have Best Omax watches for men in Pakistan Definitely going for this one.

History of Omax Brand

OMAX was established in 1993 by Dr. John Cheung and Dr. John Olsen. They made high-pressure abrasive jet machining (a machining and fabrication process using a mixture of strong abrasives and liquid propelled by a high velocity gas) to erode material to form intricate shapes or specific edge shapes.

OMAX’s largest competitor is Flow International Corp. To avoid competition Flow International attempted to buy OMAX for $109 million, but because of the downturn in the economy, the offer was reduced to $75 million. In 2009 it was announced that Flow called off the merger stating “We believe that our path forward alone is far superior to one combined with OMAX at the wrong price”. John Olsen co-founder of OMAX stated that had the companies merged there would have certainly been layoffs.

Each year OMAX sponsors the FIRST Robotics Competition team from Aviation High School. OMAX supervises the Aviation “Skunkworks” Team as members cut parts for their robot at OMAX’s headquarters. The Aviation High Robotics team won the Creativity Award at the FIRST Championship held in St. Louis Missouri in April 2011.