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And we would be glad to give you guys some knowledge about the best roamer watches in Pakistan and roamer watches history.

History of Roamer Watches 

Roamer was founded in Solothurn, Switzerland, in 1888 by Fritz Meyer. At first, Meyer and employees concentrated on manufacturing cylinder escapements. Within only 7 years, the company grew to 60 employees and started producing complete watches. In 1895, the company developed its first own caliber and named it number 38 to commemorate the 38th birthday of the company’s founder. In 1905, Meyer joined fellow watchmaker Johann Studeli to form the partnership Meyer and Studeli (MST). In the same year, Meyer won a Bronze medal at the Liege World Fair. The partnership continued to develop new calibers and enter them into more World Fairs, winning Silver Medals at the Milan Fair in 1906 and Brussels Fair in 1910.

By 1923, production grew to one million units. The jeweled lever-escapement watches were sold under the brand ‘Roamer’. Cylinder, and later pin-lever, watches were sold under the brands Medana and Meda. In 1932 the company started its own dial production line. In 1945, a representative office opened in New York City and in 1952 Meyer and Studeli officially changed its name to Roamer Watch Co. SA. In 1955, Roamer patented the Anfibio watertight watchcase, which proved to be a commercial success. The company launched its first quartz movement in 1972. 

Review of Roamer Watch

I have personally used a roamer 1888 Sea rock automatic 10 atm. It’s 42 diameter and wears nice in my wrist, seven and a half inches so you can get that feeling it’s very shiny and bringing it has interesting bracelet. 

What I like about this watch is that how an execution of the finish and everything, it’s a sea rock roamer when you go down to history sea rock is one of their staple models you can find some nice vintage ones and first thing you notice in the watch is that cyclops that stares at you and looking speaking of cyclops you can see this one is isn’t sophisticated like on rolex, and this one feels you know the stories that yanking off there cyclops on rolex with the screwdriver a little bit torch this one seems like you can yank it off very easily.
Not that I want to encourage you but yeah it’s a sapphire crystal it has a cyclops some may like it some may not. And look for the best roamer watches for man in Pakistan on our website and get yourself one.