Japan’s Citizen Watch Co. turned 100 last year. The company evolved out of a watchmaking venture called the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, established in Tokyo in 1918. 

At the time of writing, Citizen is the second-largest watchmaker in the world, meaning that more than 20% of watches globally come from the Japanese company. As we all know, quantity is often one thing but quality is another. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the Japanese watches and try to answer the most important question: is Citizen a good watch brand to go for?

Although the company is renowned as one of Asia’s moguls of the watchmaking industry, it doesn’t mean it is responsible solely for the production of watches. Over the years, they’ve been also highly successful with other electronics, such as printers or organizers. Despite all that, producing timepieces is definitely what they are best at. 

To give you a clearer picture of the size of the company, it’s worth mentioning that Citizen also owns many other popular watch brands. Names such as Bulova or Alpina are seen as separate brands but they are for the most part run by Citizen Watch Co. Ltd.


Sleek, contemporary and ultra-thin are key components to the revitalized CITIZEN Stiletto collection. At just 4.7mm thick, the Stiletto is powered by any light with Eco-Drive Technology and featured in two-tone stainless steel with black Guilloché dial. Caliber number G870. Best CITIZEN watches for women in Pakistan, go and buy CITIZEN watches for women in Pakistan, for this valentine’s day and make her day an special one.

Key Details


  • AR3074-54E 
  • 8/10/2017 

Movement Technology

  • G870 
  • Eco-Drive 
  • Powered by any light source, continuously and sustainably, eliminating the need to replace watch batteries. 

Band Length (mm)

  • 216 

Case Width (mm)

  • 38 


  • Sapphire Crystal 
  • Superior scratch resistance and hardness 


Citizen as a brand is heard off by many but understood by a few. We know them as makers of affordable, reliable timepieces watches for the masses, making tools that we need. But what about watches that we actually want? 

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Citizen’s watches certainly cut the mustard when it comes to making horologically and technologically impressive and respectable timepieces. From traditional old-school mechanical watches to ultra-slim solar powered watches (the slimmest in the world in fact) and satellite wave-powered analogue smartwatches, CITIZEN watches for women in Pakistan, the brand is undoubtedly a powerhouse in its watchmaking prowess. Though it is very different from the watchmakers that we’ve become so accustomed to. With the likes of Swiss powerhouses still hand assembling plates, bridges, and gears that celebrate the ancient art of timekeeping, Citizen looks forward to seeing how it can integrate timekeeping into our modern hectic lives with technology. And at the same time, presenting CITIZEN watches for women in Pakistan

 paying homage to where it has come from thanks to its mechanical offerings as well.