Citizen has improved watch technology and is always at the forefront of innovation, but most watches are horribly similar to the first pocket watches of the mid-15th century. This means that you may have checked the clock time, which is not much different from the analog clocks you can buy today. Today, you can buy a Citizen watch that works with light. You can quickly update the time to over 43 international cities via atomic clocks, satellite technology and sound waves. Citizen watches for new year sale online have the whole collection of men and women. Depending on the model you can purchase, the sale is up for a limited time on the complete citizen watches collection. The sale is not limited to men and is also available for women. You can check the sale on under citizen ladies watches for new year. Visit our website to avail the discounts on our limited collection of watches.

1. Citizen Eco-Drive PCAT Atomic Timekeeping Chronograph

Looking for a stylish men’s watch that will never lag and will always look good on your wrist pick it from citizen men watches for new year. It has all the limited edition on site for a limited time sale. There is no doubt about this model. Did you say that the classic chronograph design looks cool, is really convenient, and  it has an alarm function? As mentioned earlier, Citizen uses atomic clocks in many of its Eco-Drive watches. Eco-driving can also be operated with lights, so not only does it require no battery, but it also eliminates the need to adjust the clock while traveling. The chronograph also has a perpetual calendar, bright hands and indexes. It is water resistant to 200 meters and uses a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

2. Citizen Black Croc Embossed Leather Strap Watch

To be fair, this is not the citizen’s best offer for this sexy watch, it’s their daily price. Yes, I read it correctly. One of the many great things about Citizen watch is that it doesn’t downplay style and technology. Whether you’re buying an entry-level watch like this or a high-end limited edition watch, it’s all about style and sophistication. The citizen women watches for new year will never disappoint you because it has all the sexy watches you wanted. 

3. Citizen Eco-Drive Avion

Part of Citizen’s pilot watch line, it features a brown leather strap that complements the stainless steel bezel for a vintage mid-century aviation-inspired look. You can see that the most prominent number on the dial is the minute, not the hour. This is a design inspired by the pilot’s need to display the exact time and the constant movement of the time zone. It also has a date dial and can be easily set with the button on the right. Combining all these features makes Avion the perfect outfit to dress up and disguise according to your needs.

4. Citizen Calendrier

This solar-powered clock features a 24-hour clock, a calendar, a world clock  with 24 different time zone codes around the dial, and the legendary Japanese quartz movement. With a contrasting dial and dark blue strap, Calendrier is a great style piece, water resistant up to 300 feet, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, it is equipped with a multifunctional chronograph that can be operated at temperatures between 14 and  140 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Citizen Chronograph Canvas Watch

When it calls itself a “chronograph”, you know it’s a serious watch. This Citizen Chronograph emphasizes its name with an easy-to-use start and stop button for the stopwatch function, and a dial to measure  minutes, hours and seconds when the stopwatch is on. In addition, the sturdy canvas strap, easy-to-read round dial, and water resistance of up to 330 feet make this watch a proud watch for everyone.